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Don’t you dare take your time. Your next words would be your last. Your next move could be the first of firsts… Everyone knows that glory is in being alive. The only thing more alive that words Is your body moving to fulfill the words.

Hope all had an amazing weekend? GREAT! well its been times i made something more happening in my pics, i mean like some action or reaction. So it was fun time with my bro james doing this pic. fun and laughs where all around but i guess this one came out good, The bike from 777Motor’s [777] Conqueror. I had mentioned earlier all about it but incase someone has missed, here it goes again

The bike has different poses: Drive, Park, Idle, Wheelie, Reverse and also poses for Passenger.

To make sure you have a smooth riding experiences, all the poses should have the same hips height rendered, that means no bouncing up and down while driving!

But for any reason, your vehicle is ”rebooted”, the poses might not be at their current setting anymore. Don’t worry! You can still adjust them to your taste by doing the following: Click on the bike -> Positions -> Choose the pose (Drive or Idle recommended), after that you can adjust them up,down, back and forth, also leaning, rotations, left, right etc. Once you’re done with one pose do this important step: Tool -> Pos2All (to connect the poses together again).

NOTE: you might need to adjust park poses individually after choosing Pos2All! And remember, proper pose positions affect the performance too!

Well much more and u can even rezz a bonfire like a small camping too !

Amsy –

  1. [777] Conqueror
  2. [ GUILTY ] 043_JACKER 06
  3. [Val’More] – Bereta’s Gas Mask – Black
  4. L’Emporio::Damned Claws & Rings::
  5. Vango. James_Grayscale
  6. Signature Body –Gianni-
  7. LeLUTKA Skyler Head 2.0
  8. —PUMEC – / Mesh Ears \ – Rebel
  9. Stray Dog – Gianni Skin – TONE 04

Rest hope you all enjoy amsy work as always ^^

Amsy ♡

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