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Ladies & Gents this blog is special, I was honored to be a chosen guest blogger for DustyHut/Linkrave . For the CYBERPUNK77 lovers they have got some great products released in recent times. That we are gonna talk about in this blog. So without any delay lets start from bottom to top ^^.

[DustyHut] GoLink Sneakers [LINKRAVE LINE] – v1.0

☢ Tintable strap, laces, dampers’ spring ☢ Materials Enabled☢ HUD controlled☢ Optimized mesh for better performance. Compatible with – Signature Gianni- Belleza Jake- Slink Male – Belleza Freya, Venus, Isis- Slink Female- Maitreya Lara- UPDATE: Legacy Female

[DustyHut] Edge Runner Trousers – HardMat – (MALE) [LINKRAVE]

The Edge Runner Trousers is a pair of rip-proof, roof jumper, asphalt slider, edge runner, rope walker trousers designed with tight bottom to avoid collision while keeping the upper part loose and comfy!

Debut set: HardMat Pack Three different dark material: – Synthetic fabric- Artificial hive- Classic leather Tintable parts: – Lower leg patches- Back straps- Side pockets lining- Zipper hangings 

Compatible with: – Signature Gianni- Belleza Jake- Slink Physique Male – Maitreya Lara- Belleza Freya- Slink Physique Original- UPDATE: Legacy Female Upper socks included to support low cut shoes, it also can be hidden for high-tops. Belt can be hidden too! HUD included for texture selecting and tinting. Materials enabled!

[DustyHut] SlimShield Shirt – RAVE Edition [LINKRAVE LINE]

Tight, tailored military grade shirt with integrated slim protectors. Light-weight design to help scouts staying fast or… the cyber smugglers getting in and out of narrow routes.

Choose from three different editions: ☢ LITE: Just the shirt, that’s it, cost efficient!☢ EXTENDED: The basic shirt + 3 color variations + 1 tintable texture set – all controlled by HUD☢ RAVE: 8 texture set, all in one package! The basic shirt + 6 variations + 1 tintable set – HUD also included to mix and match! 

Compatible with: – Signature Gianni- Belleza Jake- Slink Male BoM compatible! Alpha map included

[DustyHut] LinkHack Gloves [LINKRAVE LINE]

Features: ☢ Mini-screens on the right glove☢ Tintable mini-screens☢ 15 icons and symbols for the mini-screens that can be changed by HUD☢ Custom icons and symbols can be added to the mini-screens (Modify Enabled!)☢ Hardware can be hidden to wear only gloves☢ Materials enabled!☢ Copy, Mod (HUD and scripts are no-mod) 

Compatible with: – Signature Gianni- Belleza Jake- Slink Male – Belleza Freya, Isis- Slink Female- UPDATE: Maitreya Lara added! BoM compatible! Alpha map included.

[DustyHut] Deep Link Helmet [LINKRAVE LINE]

Deep Link HelmetLINKRAVE Line – cyberpunk division of Dusty Hut.

– Dismantle: Remove the outer shell piece by piece to reveal internals

– five parts to dismantle –

3 main style: Black/Red, Grey/Green, White/Ice-

Mix and match the main styles in any way, 15+ surfaces to change-

Colorize tintable textures and create even more unique looks –

Almost every part is separately tintable by HUD –

Switch lights and their glow On/Off – Set visor opacity –

HUD controlled – Unisex, un-rigged, easy to resize, should work with any head –

Optimized: custom LOD levels, low-lag script, moderate polygon count –

Materials Enabled – Modifiable, copyable (Scripts are no-mod).

[AiiZawa] Death Scythe < Project_P.A.L.E.T.O.> . –

They made some animations for POSING meant for taking pictures not for combat, so some animations probably gonna need some personal adjustment to fit, not something to complicated to do. Near future gonna probably make a fix for it in nearly future updates.

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