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” The only time my feelings cannot be repressed. It is the only time they pour out of my heart and straight into my fingers as they rush across paper, my pen scratching furiously. It is the only time I drown in my sorrow and fully relish my pain, Writing is my cage and with it, I am everything. I am nothing and everything at the same time I am indestructible. “

Ladies & Gents Amsy is proud to bring you one of his new sponsor [LANEVO]. And my oh my you all are goona love the products and the detailing, as i was mind blown. Without furthur due, lets start as we have RAWR! & [A&Y] products including.

[LANEVO] MANEATER MACHINE is currently being showcased in Mainframe event. The three arms of the machine and their claws move. Best try the demo. You will be amazed at the dynamic arm and claw movements of the machine. Single color version allows you to resize, and run and stop each of the three arms individually. In the FAT version, you can also change the color of each of the five parts individually. The HUD includes the ability to control the speed of the claws.

[LANEVO] SCOPEDOG GOGGLE is another awesome product currently showcasing in TMD Event. The telephoto lens has a built-in LCD display that shows the magnification of the zoom lens in Kanji. Detachable cable, flip-up protective glass. The color of the cable, main unit, and LCD display can be changed individually.

RAWR! Cyber Glaive is another release for Mainframe event. Its – Unisex- 10 color change options for 2 faces, HUD driven- Hand hold pose for each hand- Throw and catch animation for each hand- Can be worn Separately- No animations version included- Resizable.

A&Y Arm Boosters set can be awesome collection for love of Cyber/Scifi. It’s an 100% original mesh. 6 groups of parts customizing included in the HUD. 15 textures for other decorative parts ( Material Enabled ) and 2 texture for base color. Tint palette. Shine and glow options as well !!

A&Y Scorpio Cyber Mask – Unisex UNRIGGED 100% mesh mask with materials enabled. Has both types with or without straps. Resizer, Smoke effect, 6 sounds. With HUD 15 textures and non-limited choose of colors via RGB palette. You can add shine glow or shine on any group of parts.

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