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” The flower starts to wilt but not with weakness but with vulnerability and trust. For it knows the sun will still shine and other flowers will bloom. Our hearts opened. Our minds grew with understanding and trust. Our souls soared. Heart. Mind. Soul. “

New and Exclusive at FaMESHed February 2021 Eddie Outfit by HaveUnequal [HU] is available for Gianni. Cardigan is available in 6 plain colors and 6 Tartan. Shirt is available in 7 plain colors and 7 with stripes.You can change the Collar, Cuffs and button color in the HUD.  The fat pack is NOT in the HUD.

[777] Anne Vintage Car at GALA Fair Love Edition. Available as FULL version, 8 LITE version and a *Special* UNICORN Edition 💟 ACSv7 scripted, smooth performance, very easy to drive💋 All doors, trunk & hood openable (with detailed engine)💟 Realistic sounds, customizable license plate system💋 Luggage with 7 TEXTURES in FULL version, can be shown/hidden💟 A lot of color options to customize in FULL version And even more features are waiting for you to discover!

My Valentine EXCLUSIVE couple pose by *Cronos Store* is available now at GALA Fair Love Edition. Love is in the air and nothing best way to show it by the latest release.

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