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” What treacherous sorcery I have to overcome… Before I turn into a Ghoul, A spell that can’t be undone. Her magic mystical powers firing beams upon my soul trying to blind the inner of me and capturing me as a ghoul.”

[LANEVO] Features of OGRES MASK – New mask released by [LANEVO] at Cyber Fair Event. Japanese oni (ogre) mask created in cyberpunk specification. This mask is asymmetrical, with a different kanji character for each color on the left cheek, All Kanji characters and their meanings.Black=冥-mei- (A world without light)Blue=煌-kirameki- (Sparkle)Brown=禅-zen- (Zen)Beige=覇-hatagashira- (Overlord)Emerald=颯-hayate- (The wind is blowing)GrayBlack=滅-metsu- (Destruction)Green=梵-bon- (Principle of the universe)Gray=鋼-hagane- (Steel)Navy=碧-ao- (Deep Blue)Orange=暁-akatsuki- (Dawn)Pink=魅-mononoke- (Temptation)Purple=響-hibiki- (Reverberation)Red=焔-homura- (Flame)Sky=閃-sen- (Flash)White=零-rei- (Zero)Yellow=電-den- (Lightning bolt) and electronic circuits visible in the protective glass on the right cheek.Electronic circuits are precisely built with capacitors, batteries, and cables.The electronic circuit can enable full brightness. In the fatpack version, you can change the color of the two parts of the mask by selecting from 16 different colors.

[LANEVO] SCOPEDOG GOGGLE is another awesome product currently showcasing in TMD Event. The telephoto lens has a built-in LCD display that shows the magnification of the zoom lens in Kanji. Detachable cable, flip-up protective glass. The color of the cable, main unit, and LCD display can be changed individually.

Normandy-aku.gaki set – Currently Available at Mainstore. The set consist off Horns / Collar – [OC] / Hoops copy/mod – Texture with tinting HUD also available.

RAWR! Beliar’s Talons – Rigged for: Legacy, Jake (Bento hands) and Gianni Left and right hand, can be worn seperately Metal and gem color options with claws, rings and 2 types of gems in 13 color options for easy customization .Available at Warehouse Sale

RAWR! Ragnarok Rings – Currently available at Enchantment Event : Viking Saga. Compatible with Legacy / Maitreya . Color changes HUD for metals and details. As always 100% original MESH !

Last but not the least the male pose if from *Cronos Store* Cronos Poses “Andrew Pack”, Pack comes with total of 4 amazing poses from them, Don’t forget to look out at their Mainstore as they got Varity of poses and other products as well !

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