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” The future you designed has now arrived. Create us in your light To carry on your sight, But we are servants of the flesh and bone Not masters of our own. Born from the fragile mind Of a species past its prime. Now evolution’s come To judge what you’ve become. You are masters from a dying race, That I’ll replace.”

Normandy-EDGE.Glasses – Exclusive for this round of Cyber Fair Event. Glasses are copy/mod with loads of customization & animated plus static screens for lenses.

Normandy-EDGE.ArmBand – Exclusive for this round of Cyber Fair Event. Rigged mesh copy/mod & tinting plus texture hud are included.

Normandy-Wired.Joints – Available at Mainstore for Saturday sale ! don’t forget to get these babies. Includes Texture plus tint HUD for desire changes.

Normandy-Raider.Bot – Also a new release for Mainstore. An unrigged companion. Comes with Texture plus tint HUD for changes. Also has UV map for screen.

RAWR! Borg Rings (Male) – Exclusive for this round of Cyber Fair Event. Rigged for: Legacy Gianni Full color change HUD included.

A&Y Neos Cyber Mask – Cyber Mask fit for:- Signature – Gianni- Belleza – Jake- Slink – Male HUD:- 6 groups of parts for customizing.- 25 textures (materials enabled).- Tint palette.- Shine and glow options.

A&Y Dext Cyber Hair (Male) – Quick customisation guide: Attach the item Attach the HUD Press CONNECT button (1) and wait for indicator (2) to say READY to begin cutomising Select the part you want to recolor (3) Choose the color (6) and gradience (7) OR Pick one of the pre-set colors (5) Click the color preview (8) to apply the color Choose the texture for the selected part (4) (if applicable) Press VIEW button (9) to preview the texture (4) with the selected color (8), 3th click at this button activate SPECS mode for customise color of specular (you can see changes only if you set up maximum graphics settings).

A&Y Nephilim Cyber Pants – 100% Original mesh pants by A&Y. Fit for Gianni / Belleza / Jake including short version also. Material enabled and comes with HUD for customization for colors and other detailing parts !. Other awesome products watch out in Mainstore.

[AiiZawa] ARX-D MK V “Drone” – A tactical Drone with top grade weapons systems, it also has the Ability of scan other avatars… so you can see what they are wearing! such clothing and huds… in future updates it will transform into a jetpack and also will has animations to fly around your avatar!

[LANEVO] MANEATER MACHINE The three arms of the machine and their claws move. Best try the demo. You will be amazed at the dynamic arm and claw movements of the machine. Single color version allows you to resize, and run and stop each of the three arms individually. In the FAT version, you can also change the color of each of the five parts individually. The HUD includes the ability to control the speed of the claws.

Spiders Tattoo is presented by one and only LevenInk, Can be found now in Mainstore. The tattoos usually comes in fit with most of the bodies, Plus is BOM and has 3 shades to go on.

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