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Clover – Dragon Hatchling

For the The Warehouse Event , An adorable animesh dragon hatchling with a follower version, and a holdable version. The follower has a full AO, which will walk,run,fly,type(when typing),sit(when sitting), and sit down when you are away. The holdable has three animations for the dragon, and three animations for you. You can hug it, cradle it, and let it sit in your arms. Includes a full texture HUD with options for horns/nails,body,wing flaps, and eyes. Colours for eyes/body/flaps(You can change each separately): Green, Sand, Black, Blue, Pink, Purple, Red, White.colours for horns/nails: Sand, Black, Brown, White.

Clover – Scrap Gliders

Available at Gacha Guild Event. Glide your way across sims, and jump off of cliffs without a worry in the world with our scrap gliders! This is a gacha, with common regular gliders, or the rare metal wing versions. All versions will fold and unfold automatically. When you jump, or fall, the glider will automatically activate, and you will glide in the air instead of falling! You can easily turn the glider on/off, and even turn it off and on mid air! It is resizable via script.

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