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” The shiny things, The gold the silver…. Anything nice Expensive and loud, I adored the envy Yearned for the jealousy; I saw how the others Tried to have What I had, But those shiny things Couldn’t keep me Warm at night, They couldn’t protect me, Listen or be my friends; They were lifeless Heartless and emptiness, And then I met you; You were shiny too But it was a whole Different bling and shine “

[777] HORIZON – Currently available at Men Only Monthly Event [ MOM ]. The car also comes with a passenger seat if you have a friend coming over! (Can be turned on/off at Options)More Features included: Flight (yes!), Burnout, Horn, Turbo Mode! Further setting can be found on Options, include Skid, Gravity, Camera settings, Exhaust, Star Park, Sound sets, Glow, Resize, Rename, etc. Supported with Camera HUD (easy fix your camera position, giving stable, smooth and sporty driving experience) SPECIAL FEATURES Add your own license plate: Zoom close to the license plate, click the inside, the system will active for a short amount of time, then you can CTRL+Drag your own textures to store them. Add new and remove anytime, up to 20 custom textures (must be full permission).

[GUILTY] STREETPUFF JACKET – Exclusive available at Man Cave Event. ♥5 Single colors and 6 special colors Fatpack Available♥♦FIT: LEGACY, GIANNI, JAKE, AESTHETIC♦.

RAWR! Chronos Rings – Rigged for: Legacy, Gianni Full color change Hud Materials enabled Available at Engine Room Event, Grabs one yours awesome rings !

[HU] Dustin ( Pants Only )

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