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” Resisting the urge is a lost battle from the start… The tempted are quickly torn apart, time & time again the white flag is waved. Another has given up & caved. Temptation has won once more adding to their undefeated score… rules broken & adrenaline is to blame …it’s just the beginning of the curiosity game…. As I remain Undefeated !”

A&Y Neo-Shinobi Set – Cyber Set currently showcasing at NEO Japan Event !. 100% original mesh & design. There are 7 Groups for top & 8 Groups for pants included in the HUD for customizing. 2 textures for base color. 14 textures for other decorating parts. Tint palette and shine glow option available as well.

[AiiZawa] Anti Cyber-Titan Zweihander 1.0 – Exclusively made for the cyber lovers and available at Mainstore. The sword can be held in hand or wore as a guard on the back. Amazing details been done with the product and a must have.

[AYO] Yaodai – Exclusively available at Dubai Event ! Comes with 5 colors and Fatpack included 2 Bonus colors. Other Amazing product can be explored at the Mainstore.

[-] N A N A O / On Fire Horns – These amazing horns, are available right now in NANAO mainstore as GIFT.The only thing you have to do is the most easy thing in world. Tp to NANAO Mainstore, Join the group, and click on the picture and get you amazing horns ( Unisex ❤ for Girls and Boys. ) They are available in fews colors, with modify and copy permission. -Blue-Orange-Pink-Purple-Red-Tintable-Yellow.  Get UBER to Mainstore.

[AiiZawa] Hayato’s Countenance Mask. Mask got 7 lights colors effects / Visor can be turn on or off with the HUD and materials are enabled.

Next is [AiiZawa] Demon Pact Scroll 3.0. seal your pact today with this Demon Pact Scroll! A fully mesh scroll with crysp and precise demon-letters that goes behind your avatar in a arc, or straight pattern, it is fully modifiable so you can change its color… unlink the scroll pages to attach or add it in whenever other object you want.

Clover – Prey blades / An unrigged dual blade set with 4 beautiful bento animations. You get a tinting HUD for blades, This product uses gestures, So you can easily configure keystrokes for the fast and easy combat. Available at Mainstore.

A&Y Arm Boosters set can be awesome collection for love of Cyber/Scifi. It’s an 100% original mesh. 6 groups of parts customizing included in the HUD. 15 textures for other decorative parts ( Material Enabled ) and 2 texture for base color. Tint palette. Shine and glow options as well !!

Normandy-EDGE.ArmBand – Rigged mesh copy/mod & tinting plus texture hud are included.

Normandy-Raider.Bot – Also a new release for Mainstore. An unrigged companion. Comes with Texture plus tint HUD for changes. Also has UV map for screen.

RAWR! Chronos Rings – Rigged for: Legacy, Gianni Full color change Hud Materials enabled. Grabs one yours awesome rings !

RAWR! Beliar’s Talons – Rigged for: Legacy, Jake (Bento hands) and Gianni Left and right hand, can be worn seperately Metal and gem color options with claws, rings and 2 types of gems in 13 color options for easy customization .

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