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” There is no soul with no protector, in the nightsky such would be a bright, piercing star, standing proud, manifest its location is over you Holding many wonders, the beauty of the night comes with shooting stars, which at times shortly sweep over the heaven before fading. Wishes are made upon, hope fills their hearts, for a better future or a fulfilment of their desires, tangled up within the depth of mind. Night becomes bright once the moon shines, in its fullest posture. Becomes dark once the rainclouds drive near, calling in thunder. But most importantly, it is a time of rest, from all this earth beholds “

Normandy-SYNAPSE.harness – Amazing neon harness is available at Mainstore for sat sale just 75L$. Compatible with Legacy / Jake / Gianni bodies and comes with HUD for change of colors.

Normandy-EDGE.ArmBand – Rigged mesh copy/mod & tinting plus texture hud are included.

Normandy-Raider.Bot – Also a new release for Mainstore. An unrigged companion. Comes with Texture plus tint HUD for changes. Also has UV map for screen.

Clover – Disc Bombs – A sci-fi disc bomb throwing system that allows you to draw out your inner ninja. Throw glowing bombs that change colour depending on the ammo type. Bomb types include: Smoke, Fire, Flower, Poison, and frost! Includes a bento throwing animation, and a unrigged, adjustable, beautiful mesh bomb forearm holster. Currently available at NEO-Japan.

A&Y Neo-Shinobi Set – Cyber Set currently showcasing at NEO Japan Event !. 100% original mesh & design. There are 7 Groups for top & 8 Groups for pants included in the HUD for customizing. 2 textures for base color. 14 textures for other decorating parts. Tint palette and shine glow option available as well.

A&Y Arm Boosters set can be awesome collection for love of Cyber/Scifi. It’s an 100% original mesh. 6 groups of parts customizing included in the HUD. 15 textures for other decorative parts ( Material Enabled ) and 2 texture for base color. Tint palette. Shine and glow options as well !!

[AYO] Yaodai – Exclusively available at Dubai Event ! Comes with 5 colors and Fatpack included 2 Bonus colors. Other Amazing product can be explored at the Mainstore.

[-] N A N A O / On Fire Horns – These amazing horns, are available right now in NANAO mainstore as GIFT.The only thing you have to do is the most easy thing in world. Tp to NANAO Mainstore, Join the group, and click on the picture and get you amazing horns ( Unisex ❤ for Girls and Boys. ) They are available in fews colors, with modify and copy permission. -Blue-Orange-Pink-Purple-Red-Tintable-Yellow.  Get UBER to Mainstore.

RAWR! Beliar’s Talons – Rigged for: Legacy, Jake (Bento hands) and Gianni Left and right hand, can be worn seperately Metal and gem color options with claws, rings and 2 types of gems in 13 color options for easy customization .

RAWR! Borg Rings (Male) – Rigged for: Legacy Gianni Full color change HUD included.

[LANEVO] Features of OGRES MASK – New mask released by [LANEVO]. Japanese oni (ogre) mask created in cyberpunk specification. This mask is asymmetrical, with a different kanji character for each color on the left cheek, All Kanji characters and their meanings.Black=冥-mei- (A world without light)Blue=煌-kirameki- (Sparkle)Brown=禅-zen- (Zen)Beige=覇-hatagashira- (Overlord)Emerald=颯-hayate- (The wind is blowing)GrayBlack=滅-metsu- (Destruction)Green=梵-bon- (Principle of the universe)Gray=鋼-hagane- (Steel)Navy=碧-ao- (Deep Blue)Orange=暁-akatsuki- (Dawn)Pink=魅-mononoke- (Temptation)Purple=響-hibiki- (Reverberation)Red=焔-homura- (Flame)Sky=閃-sen- (Flash)White=零-rei- (Zero)Yellow=電-den- (Lightning bolt) and electronic circuits visible in the protective glass on the right cheek.Electronic circuits are precisely built with capacitors, batteries, and cables.The electronic circuit can enable full brightness. In the fatpack version, you can change the color of the two parts of the mask by selecting from 16 different colors.

[AiiZawa] Death Scythe < Project_P.A.L.E.T.O.> .They made some animations for POSING meant for taking pictures not for combat, so some animations probably gonna need some personal adjustment to fit, not something to complicated to do. Near future gonna probably make a fix for it in nearly future updates.

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