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” I look to the jagged teeth where earth meets the sky gnashing, grinding, grinning a sickly Cheshire smile far and wide a newness, a nascence felt inside the illusion is slowly fading but yet I still walk in Ashes. like sepulchral confetti the blackened ash quietly collects whispering and licking at my ears a tragic choir in unison they sing ‘one and one have become zero’ in silence I grieve beneath a jet black sky on my broken soul & never ending Ashes.”

Animosity – 146 Pose Pack – Gents this Animosity pose is packed with 4 male poses Includes props like t-shirt as in the blog, Aphone comes with a HUD for the desire changes of colors. And t-shirt comes with fitting of Gianni / Legacy / Jake. And much more awesome poses can be found at the Mainstore.

+Radix – Silas Leather Pants – As the name suggest, If you are looking for one of the best leather pants on Seconlife, +Radix brings you Silas Leather Pants. Pants come with a hud with 16 different texture options. Choose between Materials/ No materials and metal options. Latex only visible but non-Latex options available also. Compatible with Jake 2.0, Legacy and Gianni Bodies. UBER for Mainstore.

[AYO] XII – If you are looking for some kool glasses for your look? Well look no furthure [AYO] Latest release for Dubai Event [AYO] XII. Comes with a HUD for colors changes of frame and lens. Frame can be resized as desirable face sizes. Other awesome products from [AYO] Visit their Mainstore.

Leven Ink Tattoo – Forest / Tattoo exclusively showcasing at Kinky Event. Comes with 3 shades of BOM with 50 / 70 / 100. And compatible with most of the bodies. Visit the Mainstore for other awesome tattoos.

[-] N A N A O / Octopus Tongue – Inside the pack, you will find the HUD to choose the color you prefer. (8 colors) This tongue will be ANIMESH, and NO Animesh with copy/modif permission. For more info, you will find a notecard inside will all info. 2 Sizes are in the pack, for male/female.

RAWR! Borg Rings (Male) – Rigged for: Legacy / Gianni Full color change HUD included.

Normandy-Skaoi.Horns+Crystals are COPY/MOD. you can rez them if you like to edit them. select faces and link numbers to adjust glow/full bright/opacity/tinting to your liking! Normandy-Skaoi.Eyes are COPY/MOD. you can rez them if you like to edit them. select faces and link numbers to adjust glow/full bright/opacity/tinting to your liking!

Unrigged and Resizable. Colors can be changed by HUD. For RAWR! Saint Choker and Necklace. Both products can be purchased in RAWR! mainstore.

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