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” My eyes know this haze, heavy workload has weighed down these lids, Unable to scavenge, left to rely on a system that tends to repeat, that tends to repeat, I blink and the room becomes a distant light source, No matter how far I can feel it’s indifference,. while we sing of unreachable dreams…. Whenever I’m with you I feel at ease”

Rose & Thorn Poses “Tonight only” – This awesome couple pose will be available at Black Fair Event. Other awesome poses by Rose&Thorn can be explored at the Mainstore.

Anthemis – Pants “Lester” – Are great with changeable text on the straps, while u can choose the glossiness from HUD, A great set of pant and hoodie, While much more can be explored in the Mainstore !.

Leven Ink Tattoo – Forest / Tattoo . Comes with 3 shades of BOM with 50 / 70 / 100. And compatible with most of the bodies. Visit the Mainstore for other awesome tattoos.

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