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” Put on the mask…. Show them you can joke, Show them your fake smile. Let yourself be poked & pretend for a while when they leave you be…. Put your life on pause never let them see… The harm that you have caused &fake your feelings before others, It will calm them down but let them see your painted color’s. “

[AYO] Miànjù – Exclusively available at CyberPunk Event. Miànjù mask comes with 02 Different version of mask V1 & V2 sold separately. 3 Different neon animations.. 9 Custom neon colors by part.. Glow intensity.. hide/show mask and eyes mask comes with 8 different patterns. mask is COPY / MOD / No Transfer.

REINVENT I Cyber hoodie – Exclusively available at CyberPunk Event. Hoodie is Compatible with:✔ Belleza Jake✔ Signature Gianni✔ Legacy male (original & athletic). 9 LED colors with hide LED HUD in each. Fatpack includes all colors plus a bonus LED color !

Animosity – 144 Pose Pack / Again is awesome 4 male action packed pose. Doesn’t include any props but you can always use your imagination and make great work with these poses. Other awesome poses by Animosity can be explored at their Mainstore.

[-] N A N A O / On Fire Horns – These amazing horns, are available right now in NANAO mainstore as GIFT.The only thing you have to do is the most easy thing in world. Tp to NANAO Mainstore, Join the group, and click on the picture and get you amazing horns ( Unisex ❤ for Girls and Boys. ) They are available in fews colors, with modify and copy permission. -Blue-Orange-Pink-Purple-Red-Tintable-Yellow.  Get UBER to Mainstore.

+Radix – Silas Leather Pants – As the name suggest, If you are looking for one of the best leather pants on Seconlife, +Radix brings you Silas Leather Pants. Pants come with a hud with 16 different texture options. Choose between Materials/ No materials and metal options. Latex only visible but non-Latex options available also. Compatible with Jake 2.0, Legacy and Gianni Bodies. UBER for Mainstore.

Leven Ink Tattoo – “Elephant” – Is an awesome release from my tattoo sponsor ! Its gives me that desi feel of India, -chuckles- as usual its compatible for all bodies and has BOM with 3 types of shades.

RAWR! Iced Necklace. Its wow and great treat for men’s. Though its UNISEX and comes with a HUD from which u can change colors.

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