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” The day is going to be well. But I feel I am always broken in many unspoken words. Many poems were written. Many feelings were poured in many cups of the day I spent too much. They said, you are overthinking to yourself. They said, you let more anxiety fill your brain. I said, maybe this is the last time I will do. Maybe I will forget the past and hope everything is going to be fast. I write sometimes. I read sometimes. Everyday I get I always heal myself. Maybe I was born for this. “

!R! Morbid Pauldrons – CELEBRATING PRIME PUNK at !RELIQUARY!… The Morbid Pauldrons come with a texture HUD for easy recoloring. Simply attach the texture HUD and select a color by clicking on it. There are seven texture zones designated on the texture HUD that can be recolored separately. The texture HUD allows you to toggle the ornaments, collar, arm plates, padding, and straps on/off too. After settling on your style, you can delete the script from your pauldrons by clicking “descript” on the texture HUD. Be aware that this cannot be undone. The Morbid Pauldrons are copy and modify, so you are free to resize them manually. Always make a copy before editing or deleting scripts.

Clover – Crystal Altar – A beautiful, standing mesh crystal that has the ability to grant your avatar powers, or answer questions with random answers if it is worshiped. Comes in 12 different types/textures, that have different dialogs when interacted with. Plays magical sounds,glows bright , and releases particles to the user when worshiped, and will speak to people that walk near it, and tell them its powers. ♥ How to use ♥ -Changing types:simply click and hold your mouse on the crystal for more than two seconds to bring up the type menu. Select a type. -Worshiping: Walk near the crystal to hear what it has to offer. Click on it to worship and get its effects. Crystal Altar is available at The Warehouse Event till today ! later can be acquired at Mainstore.

[-] NANAO / Elfy Jewelry – You can find 2 sets for this jewelry collection, one set with dark colors, and another set with pastel colors. (UNISEX) Look good on male avi too, why always girls? :> Mesh is copy / modify. You can set at your convenience. It is very pretty worn on ears (no animesh) but elves, and on human ears! Collection is available at Planet29 Event.

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