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” I look to the jagged teeth where earth meets the sky gnashing, grinding, grinning a sickly Cheshire smile far and wide a newness, a nascence felt inside the illusion is slowly fading but yet I still walk in Ashes. like sepulchral confetti the blackened ash quietly collects whispering and licking at my ears a tragic choir in unison they sing ‘one and one have become zero’ in silence I grieve beneath a jet black sky on my broken soul & never ending Ashes.”

Animosity – 146 Pose Pack – Gents this Animosity pose is packed with 4 male poses Includes props like t-shirt as in the blog, Aphone comes with a HUD for the desire changes of colors. And t-shirt comes with fitting of Gianni / Legacy / Jake. And much more awesome poses can be found at the Mainstore.

+Radix – Silas Leather Pants – As the name suggest, If you are looking for one of the best leather pants on Seconlife, +Radix brings you Silas Leather Pants. Pants come with a hud with 16 different texture options. Choose between Materials/ No materials and metal options. Latex only visible but non-Latex options available also. Compatible with Jake 2.0, Legacy and Gianni Bodies. UBER for Mainstore.

[AYO] XII – If you are looking for some kool glasses for your look? Well look no furthure [AYO] Latest release for Dubai Event [AYO] XII. Comes with a HUD for colors changes of frame and lens. Frame can be resized as desirable face sizes. Other awesome products from [AYO] Visit their Mainstore.

Leven Ink Tattoo – Forest / Tattoo exclusively showcasing at Kinky Event. Comes with 3 shades of BOM with 50 / 70 / 100. And compatible with most of the bodies. Visit the Mainstore for other awesome tattoos.

[-] N A N A O / Octopus Tongue – Inside the pack, you will find the HUD to choose the color you prefer. (8 colors) This tongue will be ANIMESH, and NO Animesh with copy/modif permission. For more info, you will find a notecard inside will all info. 2 Sizes are in the pack, for male/female.

RAWR! Borg Rings (Male) – Rigged for: Legacy / Gianni Full color change HUD included.

Normandy-Skaoi.Horns+Crystals are COPY/MOD. you can rez them if you like to edit them. select faces and link numbers to adjust glow/full bright/opacity/tinting to your liking! Normandy-Skaoi.Eyes are COPY/MOD. you can rez them if you like to edit them. select faces and link numbers to adjust glow/full bright/opacity/tinting to your liking!

Unrigged and Resizable. Colors can be changed by HUD. For RAWR! Saint Choker and Necklace. Both products can be purchased in RAWR! mainstore.


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” Resisting the urge is a lost battle from the start… The tempted are quickly torn apart, time & time again the white flag is waved. Another has given up & caved. Temptation has won once more adding to their undefeated score… rules broken & adrenaline is to blame …it’s just the beginning of the curiosity game…. As I remain Undefeated !”

A&Y Neo-Shinobi Set – Cyber Set currently showcasing at NEO Japan Event !. 100% original mesh & design. There are 7 Groups for top & 8 Groups for pants included in the HUD for customizing. 2 textures for base color. 14 textures for other decorating parts. Tint palette and shine glow option available as well.

[AiiZawa] Anti Cyber-Titan Zweihander 1.0 – Exclusively made for the cyber lovers and available at Mainstore. The sword can be held in hand or wore as a guard on the back. Amazing details been done with the product and a must have.

[AYO] Yaodai – Exclusively available at Dubai Event ! Comes with 5 colors and Fatpack included 2 Bonus colors. Other Amazing product can be explored at the Mainstore.

[-] N A N A O / On Fire Horns – These amazing horns, are available right now in NANAO mainstore as GIFT.The only thing you have to do is the most easy thing in world. Tp to NANAO Mainstore, Join the group, and click on the picture and get you amazing horns ( Unisex ❤ for Girls and Boys. ) They are available in fews colors, with modify and copy permission. -Blue-Orange-Pink-Purple-Red-Tintable-Yellow.  Get UBER to Mainstore.

[AiiZawa] Hayato’s Countenance Mask. Mask got 7 lights colors effects / Visor can be turn on or off with the HUD and materials are enabled.

Next is [AiiZawa] Demon Pact Scroll 3.0. seal your pact today with this Demon Pact Scroll! A fully mesh scroll with crysp and precise demon-letters that goes behind your avatar in a arc, or straight pattern, it is fully modifiable so you can change its color… unlink the scroll pages to attach or add it in whenever other object you want.

Clover – Prey blades / An unrigged dual blade set with 4 beautiful bento animations. You get a tinting HUD for blades, This product uses gestures, So you can easily configure keystrokes for the fast and easy combat. Available at Mainstore.

A&Y Arm Boosters set can be awesome collection for love of Cyber/Scifi. It’s an 100% original mesh. 6 groups of parts customizing included in the HUD. 15 textures for other decorative parts ( Material Enabled ) and 2 texture for base color. Tint palette. Shine and glow options as well !!

Normandy-EDGE.ArmBand – Rigged mesh copy/mod & tinting plus texture hud are included.

Normandy-Raider.Bot – Also a new release for Mainstore. An unrigged companion. Comes with Texture plus tint HUD for changes. Also has UV map for screen.

RAWR! Chronos Rings – Rigged for: Legacy, Gianni Full color change Hud Materials enabled. Grabs one yours awesome rings !

RAWR! Beliar’s Talons – Rigged for: Legacy, Jake (Bento hands) and Gianni Left and right hand, can be worn seperately Metal and gem color options with claws, rings and 2 types of gems in 13 color options for easy customization .

ĝ@mΞ θמ

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” I never had anything that was real.. Actually it doesn’t matter… It was real enough to me, They told me it would be fine but they locked me up, took what’s mine… What they did turned my life into dirt… Actually it doesn’t matter… I don’t feel and I can’t be hurt…. But one day I will myself on them avenge. “


Available to purchase at Engine Room Event. This mask is a steampunk version of a trappers mask. Based on masks from horror movies, more many original tricks have been imaginatively added.There are no real working mechanisms in this mask, but I think you will be surprised by the detailed workmanship on the back. Other great products form [LANEVO] check out their MainStore.


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” Nothing could ever scare me Or hurt me for that matter. With no intentions to bow to the weak and inconsiderate idea of fear…. No moment is too big or journey too long …I am fearless… Nothing on this earth could ever stop me Or make me quiver. Fear will never stand in my way For a thousand years… I will stand tall Never to back down from anything …I am fearless…

And amsy back again with 2 amazing product’s released by RAWR! & Normandy. I do find it challenging when i focus on my sponsors products and merge few of them to work on a theme, giving my work a moving touch. So without wasting time lets get the products rollin.

Normandy – Charging.Implants+cables are the lastest and can be found in mainstore. For Scifi lovers this is a great add up ! I personally love it. The items are COPY/MOD. you can rez them if you like to edit them. select faces and link numbers to adjust glow/full bright/opacity/tinting to your liking!

RAWR! The Assassin, Yep the name say’s it all. These lovely knives with great details are available in mainstore. Comes with holding animation on both hands the item is UNRIGGED with color change HUD and a resizer. And why unrigged ? as it allows you to adjust it to different parts of the body and create your own look liberally!

Amsy –

Normandy – Charging.Implants+cables
RAWR! The Assassin
Clover – Hauntbeing
Leven Ink Tattoo – Mad World
A&Y Nephilim Cyber Pants – Black
Vango. James_Grayscale (add)
[The Forge] Hades Gasmask, Black
[CX] Halimaw Ear Weights
IDTTY Faces – Deep Marks
L’Emporio::Damned Claws & Rings::Signature Gianni BENTO*
Signature Body –Gianni-
LeLUTKA Skyler Head 2.0
Stray Dog – Gianni Skin – TONE 04

Rest hope you all enjoy amsy work as always ^^

Amsy ♡

ϓΘƲ λίɴ’τ રελɖϓ

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” In my eyes you’ll see the fire. The passion that burns so deeply within in my soul. Untold stories that everyone should know but let’s be real. Who knows how to handle something secretive. You can’t just hear the best cause you just ain’t ready for this “

Something familiar? Loll ladies and gents this blogs speaks much about Clover from the monsters to the flame along with the head cage, As we all know clover products are for those who loves to RolePlay. With that other 2 products RAWR! & LevenInk Tattoo are the main features too !

Clover – Palm alchemy

Give your avatar the ability to cast magic spells from the palms of your hands. Conjure flames to hold, or summon demonic spirits to surround your avatar. There are 12 different spells (details in next section), which utilize particles and lighting to mimic spells. No rezzing required. Every spell is looped, until you turn it off, so you can cast every spell for as long as you want. Full, unique bento animations for every spell, with a simple casting HUD that can be minimized and maximized. Currently Available at ” We Love To RolePlay ” Event

[Strelka x Clover] MindCage

The [Strelka x Clover] MindCage is an unrigged and modifiable head piece used to stay sane, high scholars wear the Mindcage to protect themselves and their minds from the Eldritch Horrors that lay beyond our plains of existence. Was showcased TMD Event October round.

Clover – Hauntbeing

The haunt being was once a revered creature, spending its time lurking around dark forests, hunting humans with its long, sharp arms. It does not have eyes or ears, so instead, it relies heavily on its sense of smell. Scent particles enter the creatures nose, which is located inside of its mouth, guiding its way around the world. Over time, humans have managed to make peace with the creature, offering it food (worms), in exchange for their lives. It likes to spend its time alone, but will approach and pet humans it likes, or stab people it dislikes. It does not mind other larger animals, because it knows that it could be outmatched, but will hunt and kill smaller creatures. It is initially aggressive to most humans (except for its keeper), but will eventually warm up to others, if it is exposed enough to them. You can often see the creature sniffinf the air, sitting down and sensing its environment, or resting. The Hauntbeing can be worn, or sat upon as a mount, but will only seat one person due to its body size. Was available in WareHouse Sale Event in Sep. Incase any product not found currently in any above event’s surely u going to find in Clover Mainstore !

And so on with Leven Ink Tattoo the latest release of Tattoo – Death And Roses. They have becomes my favorites, as so much easy to use with BOM and more over capability with mostly all mesh bodies in SL. Currently available at WIP event !

Last but not least give a roar to RAWR! as i wear an awesome RAWR! Cuffed Necklace. The necklace is UNRIGGED with color change HUD and a resizer. Once you wear the item, attach the HUD which will allow you to change colors and gems (if applicable).

Amsy –

Clover – Palm alchemy
[Strelka x Clover] MindCage
Clover – Hauntbeing
Leven Ink Tattoo – Death And Roses
RAWR! Cuffed Necklace
L’Emporio&PL::Ares: Harness-Signature Gianni-
L’Emporio::Damned Claws & Rings::
Vango. James_Grayscale
IDTTY Faces – Deep Marks
Signature Body –Gianni-
LeLUTKA Skyler Head 2.0
—PUMEC – / Mesh Ears \ – Rebel
Stray Dog – Gianni Skin – TONE 04

Rest hope you all enjoy amsy work as always ^^

Amsy ♡


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“Taste the poems in and on tongues you can’t comprehend, the sounds fly skyward after infiltrating your eyes,then you can see your own immortality anointed rising all nonsense you plead, indeed, only immortals truly cherish and envy the human ability to create nonsense”

Amsy –

  1. RAWR! Melted Halo
  2. RAWR! Moon Stud
  3. Vango. James_Grayscale
  5. Oxydate. [Eclipse] Eye
  6. IDTTY Faces – Deep Marks
  7. L’Emporio::*Damned Claws & Rings*::
  8. Signature Body –Gianni-
  9. LeLUTKA Skyler Head 2.0
  10. —PUMEC  – / Mesh Ears \   –  Rebel
  11. Stray Dog – Gianni Skin – TONE 04

Rest hope you all enjoy amsy work as always ^^

Amsy ♡


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“We were accused of darkness and exiled to despair if our covers were blown. With this New World Order, our fate is changing for the better of us all. And more importantly, the fate of the earth and the cosmos beyond. While dark magic is something we are all capable of portraying whether intentional or not, there is so much more good that can come when aligned with the magic and mystique, connected with the powers of our earthly just as our heavenly realms. “

So our main attraction on this picture today is the latest release of Astarte Horns by RAWR!… Currently showcased in Outre Event since 23 July. And for there other awesome product you can always visit RAWR! Mainstore.

Amsy –

  1. RAWR! Astarte Horns
  2. RAWR! Horny Devil Face Chain
  3. RAWR! El Torro Necklace
  4. Pose Amitie On the Roof M Pack
  5. KUNI – Gabriel (Standart Edition)
  6. Oxydate. [Eclipse] Eye
  7. f u o e y .   Scott Beard
  8. .: Vegas :. Tattoo Applier Suicide Ritual
  9. .Identity. Body Shop – Cash Flow
  10. L’Emporio&PL::*Judah*::Armour Sleeve-Signature Gianni
  11. L’Emporio::*Damned Claws & Rings*::
  12. L’Emporio&PL::*Arioch*:: Rings Set-Signature Gianni
  13. [Gild] Inner tank_black set
  14. Signature Body –Gianni-
  15. LeLUTKA Skyler Head 2.0
  16. —PUMEC  – / Mesh Ears \   –  Rebel
  17. Stray Dog – Gianni Skin – TONE 04

Rest hope you all enjoy amsy work as always ^^

Amsy ♡


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” Bring on the whole nine yards from red to blue to sudden violet to pink across my cheeks every shade of my existence comes to mind when i think of you under a long sweep of color across the city…. i exist when i think of you “

So here is Amsy back with one of the latest release by RAWR! Cyborg Kitty Ear Cuff… Be shortly available in the Mainframe Event on 20’Jul20.. The Cyborg Kitty Ear Cuff is UNISEX . UNRIGGED . RESIZEABLE . Color change HUD included and its 100% original mesh… 🙂

Amsy –

  1. RAWR! El Torro Necklace
  2. RAWR! Cyborg Kitty Ear Cuffs
  3. Oxydate. [Eclipse] Eyes
  4. IDTTY Body Shop – Hidden Inside
  5. .Identity. Body Shop – Cash Flow
  6. L’Emporio::*Damned Claws & Rings*::
  7. L’Emporio&PL::*Ares*: Harness
  8. VoltHair- Derrick- B&W-
  9. Signature Body –Gianni-
  10. LeLUTKA Skyler Head 1.1
  11. Stray Dog – Gianni Skin – TONE 04

Rest hope you all enjoy amsy work as always ^^

Amsy ♡


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” Wear your skin like your cozy blanket and cuddle In the warmth of yourself. You are not broken, But scattered like the night with pieces like stars shining, Open your pain and yourself to the wound of the world and heal whatever you choose. Cause you are ȘτλરßΘϓ “

Ladies & Gents Amsy is bringing you some of the finest accessories you could find in Second-Life. The name of the product is called RAWR! and trust me the names says it all, Its meant for the people who just goes RAWR!! *Chuckles* , So with it i am blogging 3 of their products with this blog.. Details mention below..

Amsy –

  1. RAWR! El Torro Necklace
  2. RAWR! Arrowhead Cheek Piercing
  3. RAWR! Anchored Bracelet
  4. Oxydate. [Eclipse] Eyes
  5. IDTTY Body Shop – Hidden Inside
  6. .Identity. Body Shop – Cash Flow
  7. L’Emporio::*Damned Claws & Rings*::
  8. RL– The Mens Razor in The Mouth
  9. Signature Body –Gianni-
  10. LeLUTKA Skyler Head 1.1
  11. —PUMEC  – / Mesh Ears \   –  Rebel
  12. Stray Dog – Gianni Skin – TONE 04

Rest hope you all enjoy amsy work as always ^^

Amsy ♡


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” Shimmering twilight another day has since come to pass. Without a halt, I am going nowhere fast. Puppet of this upset dynasty, I parade around a “united” soldier fallen to shambles under a shameless facade. They have stolen the dignity of our fathers without blinking. Onward we must march before this ship is done sinking.”

Amsy –

  1. ::GB:: Crow Feather stole / Black
  2. ::GB:: Long Jacket & open shirt (B+W)
  3. Signature Body –Gianni-
  4. LeLUTKA Skyler Head 1.1
  5. f u o e y .     Scott Eyebrows
  6. f u o e y .     Robert Beard
  7. Vango. Alex_Grayscale
  8. [Val’More] –  Eyepatch – (Unpack)
  9. L’Emporio::*Damned Claws & Rings*::Signature Gianni BENTO*
  10. —PUMEC  – / Mesh Ears \   –  Rebel
  11. Stray Dog – Gianni Skin – TONE 04

Rest hope you all enjoy amsy work as always ^^

Amsy ♡