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” I’ve been dwelling so much on the mistakes I have made I haven’t taken proper action to correct them. The pure truth is now is the time the fix them. I can’t think of a better time to fix them. Life may have thrown some obstacles in my path , but that’s because it knows. It truly knows I like a challenge. It sees that I’m a fighter, So Bring It on ! “

REINVENT I Leather shirt I – Is the latest release for MOM / MenOnlyMonthly. The leather shirt fits ✔ Belleza Jake✔ Signature Gianni✔ Legacy male (original & athletic). The fatpack includes 10 colors which can be changed through HUD.

RAWR! Hell Razor – are great set of daggers, The item is UNRIGGED with color change HUD and a resizer. With holding animation it comes with Throw and spin options as well, Comes with HUD for colors changes requiring your own styles.

[777] Impalz-67 – An awesome release for Shiny Shabby event. 7 LITE version to choose! FULL version has a lot of color options ⛥⛥⛥ DEVIL HUNTERS’ version availble and also included in FULL version! Kansaz license plate and Devil’s Trap included!⛥⛥⛥ – All doors, trunk & hood openable – detailed engine- 4 seaters with 7 set of poses/animations for driver and main passenger- ACSv7 with all features accessed via left-click menu

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I have been a fool to my own thoughts and my actions and have shown my foolishness as vividly. As the sun in the day sky and the moon in the night. Its undeniable that there are things I could have done better and now I can do better. There is nothing more for me to do than pull my socks up, put on my fighting gloves and bust out my moves. I’m stronger than this, So watch out….I am on to you and your tricks. I won’t be a fool anymore.. So bring it on !

Ladies & Gents ! this is big actually, Blog is all about Scifi/Cyber stuff mostly likeable with any. Should introduce 2 of my new sponsors [AiiZawa] & Nomandy along with 777Motors & Leven Ink tattoo !… So lets start with …..

[AiiZawa] New release Death Scythe < Project_P.A.L.E.T.O.> is currently in MOM event. They made some animations for POSING meant for taking pictures not for combat, so some animations probably gonna need some personal adjustment to fit, not something to complicated to do. Near future gonna probably make a fix for it in nearly future updates.

NormandyInverted.LegBand &Inverted.Collar are currently available in The Darkness Chamber Fair Event ! These items are COPY/MOD. You can rezz them if you like to edit them. Select faces and link numbers to adjust glow/full bright/opacity/tinting to your liking.

[777] KYMERA from 777Motors is a great pacakge for the SciFi Lover, The jet have different parts that can be tinted with preset colors. You can choose between the presets or add your own color using LSL vectors. The jet has different poses: Drive, Park, Idle, Reverse and also poses for passengers. To make sure you have a smooth riding experiences, all the poses should have the same hips height rendered, that means no bouncing up and down while driving!

My favorite tattoo sponsor LevenInk. Leven Ink Tattoo – Yoga Geometric is currently available WIP Event. This tattoo just fitted great with my SciFi/Cyber theme of blog, surely gonna be using it more for same themes, As always very easy and user friendly tattoo, Fits with most of the top bodies of SL and comes with BOM as well with 3 shades 50 / 70 & 100.

Amsy –

  1. [AiiZawa] Death Scythe < Project_P.A.L.E.T.O.>
  2. Normandy-Inverted.LegBand
  3. Normandy-Inverted.Collar
  4. [777] KYMERA
  5. Leven Ink Tattoo – Yoga Geometric
  6. RAWR! Oxydized Horns
  7. [CX] Plague
  8. [CX] Halimaw Ear Weights
  9. [ContraptioN] L’Aiguilleur Prosthetic Arm ORNA
  10. A&Y Nephilim Cyber Pants
  11. [The Forge] Cyber Vison
  12. [Gild] Tasuki
  13. L’Emporio&PL::Athan:: Mesh Ears w. Piercings-V1.1.
  14. L’Emporio::Damned Claws & Rings::
  15. KUNI – Leandro
  16. IDTTY Faces – Deep Marks
  17. Signature Body –Gianni-
  18. LeLUTKA Skyler Head 2.0
  19. Stray Dog – Gianni Skin – TONE 04

Rest hope you all enjoy amsy work as always ^^

Amsy ♡


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” Feels so good when your on the edge climbing higher on cinema seat…. I said all the lies that you’ve told before don’t matter when your cold on the floor, You bought a one way ticket to cinema but all SOLD OUT !.”

Allrite ladies & gents here we are again with the latest release of [GUILTY] ZOOM COLLECTION… Exclusively for the MEN ONLY MONTHLY EVENT. New “ZOOM” Collection with Exclusive Matching T-shirt and Pants in 4 BASIC colors and 3 exclusive FATPACK colors… Fit: Jake Belleza, Gianni Signature, Aesthetic. UBER to [GUILTY MAINSTORE].

Amsy –

  1. GUILTY 048 ZOOM
  2. VYC  Homme – HUNTER Scar BOM Update [wear]
  3. Vango.  Jared_Naturals (add)
  4. Oxydate. [Eclipse] Eye
  5. L’Emporio::*Damned Claws & Rings*::
  6. Signature Body –Gianni-
  7. LeLUTKA Skyler Head 2.0
  8. —PUMEC  – / Mesh Ears \   –  Rebel
  9. Stray Dog – Gianni Skin – TONE 04

Rest hope you all enjoy amsy work as always ^^

Amsy ♡

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I Against I, This is a battle I don’t want to lose. I just keep on fighting. Angels, heal me from these wounds. Because the demons are there and the fight is on. They wont just go away. Please don’t give up on me today. I just cant afford to lose. No Inner Demons ain’t gonna win today. Angels please take the pain to the fear. And I wont give up on these Inner Demons. I Against I….

Ladies and Gents here is amsy again with this work, showcasing one of my fav creator LeEmporio&LP And its latest release ::Judah:: Armour Sleeve for the event of Men Only Monthly.

Amsy –

  1.  L’Emporio&PL::*Judah*::Armour Sleeve
  2. L’Emporio::*Damned Claws & Rings*::
  3. L’Emporio&PL::*Ares*: Harness
  4. Signature Body –Gianni-
  5. LeLUTKA Skyler Head 1.1
  6. A&Y Nephilim Cyber Pants
  7. [The Forge] Predex Mask, Steel (Box)
  8. [Val’More] – Guilherme
  9. —PUMEC  – / Mesh Ears \   –  Rebel
  10. Stray Dog – Gianni Skin – TONE 04

Rest hope you all enjoy amsy work as always ^^

Amsy ♡