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” The loud clink clinking of solid metal plates, The sound of great efforts fill the room, Sweat and tears begin to flow, Working hard the muscles engage and begin to bloom. Set after set he keeps pushing forward, Digging deep into his soul for his much-needed strength, Tunnel-visioned now as he drives and drives, Working for that last rep, his arms raising, still at full length. “

[Fujico Apparel] Wrestle – Exclusively available at Man Cave Event. FIT: Jake, Gianni, Legacy, Aesthetic♥8 Single colors and 4 special colors Fatpack Available♥☺Original Mesh 100%☺. Amazing prodcut and a must have in SL. Other awesome product from [Fujico] Visit there MarketPlace.

Leven Ink Tattoo – Owl / Latest release from LevenInk and available at WIP event. Its a must have tattoo, with such a detailing work at front & back. For other awesome tattoos visit LevenInk MainStore. Compatible with most of the bodies and BOM consist of 50 / 70 & 100% shades.

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” When it comes to friends, there’s no second best. And when it comes to people I love, every time I look at you i forget about the rest. It’s amazing how your words give me so much hope. Like a street lamp guiding me home in the night. “

A&Y Nephilim Cyber Pants – 100% Original mesh pants by A&Y. Fit for Gianni / Belleza / Jake including short version also. Material enabled and comes with HUD for customization for colors and other detailing parts !. Other awesome products watch out in Mainstore.

Elite Paris-Boots – Are awesome set of boot which can put in house as a decoration. With different type of colors and as always EliteParis products are limited editions. So its must have before runs out in Mainstore.

RAWR! Beliar’s Talons – Rigged for: Legacy, Jake (Bento hands) and Gianni Left and right hand, can be worn seperately Metal and gem color options with claws, rings and 2 types of gems in 13 color options for easy customization .Available at Warehouse Sale

Normandy-aku.gaki set – Currently Available at Mainstore. The set consist off Horns / Collar – [OC] / Hoops copy/mod – Texture with tinting HUD also available.

Rose & Thorn Poses ” Belong to you” – At Mainstore for Golden Days WED. Lovely couple pose which can adjusted according to body height.

Anthemis – SweatShirt “Jonatan” – Latest release available at MenOnlyMonthly [MOM]. Compatible with Belleza Jake /Signature Gianni/Legacy male. Come with HUD to change colors with other detailing options.

RAWR! Valkyrie Rings – Currently available at Enchantment Event : Viking Saga. Compatible with Legacy / Maitreya . Color changes HUD for metals and details. As always 100% original MESH !

The new release by Clover – ” Glorgite Gacha ” The glorgite landed on our planet many years ago, with the intent on taking over the world, except they are too stupid to figure out how. Instead, they ride on humans because… fun. This is an animesh pet, that moves and looks around at others. You can attach the creature to any part of your body, but the default is on the shoulder. Simply right click -> add the creature. Adjust as needed. THIS ITEM IS ANIMESH, so it cant be resized.


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” Fallen souls littered my path- Their power aglow, I’ll leave it at the shrine, What’s theirs is now mine, And inside the hold, Release the demon’s  soul. Dodging aside- The yokai furious, I remain undefeated, And claim my amrita.”

[LANEVO] SHINYAKURAIKO DRUMLANEVO has released a drum with two spinning wheels. The single color version of the drum has the Hidari-mitsudomoe seal written on it. In addition, in the fatpack version, each drum has kanji written on it in Japanese.On the small drums, there are kanji for eight different human emotions. 喜 Joy怒 Anger哀 Grief楽 Pleasure愛 Love憎 Hate欲 Greed懼 Fear The Kanji for “迅雷” is written on the large drum, Its meaning is Fierce thunder. Each kanji is handwritten by the creator !! Aint it amazing and cureently available at The Kagami event.

Normandy-Metal.Cinch – This release is for the Mainstore for Normandy and just for 75L for Saturday sale !. These items are COPY/MOD. you can rez them if you like to edit them.
select faces and link numbers to adjust glow/full bright/opacity/tinting to your liking!

Other awesome product is by Normandy. NormandyPantheon the set comes with Googles / Horns / JawPlate. These items are COPY/MOD. You can rez them if you like to edit them. Select faces and link numbers to adjust glow/full bright/opacity/tinting to your liking from the given HUD! Grabs your set now which is available in Mainstore.

Leven Ink Brings you Doragon Tattoo, its an amazing looking tattoo. Killer / Badass looking, chuckles !

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” I cant honestly say I am happier now and I don’t know if I ever will be as happy as I was with you again. But at least this way I can be respected by the next person I choose to share my life with. You will always have the biggest piece of my soul but you don’t have all of it anymore. I need to work on bettering myself as a person and I can do that now as hard as it is. I may be lonely, but you aren’t, so I am happy that one of us has found the peace we both craved so badly. “

Rose & Throrn Poses “Will you be mine” are a bundle of 4 male poses. Can be found in Mainstore. Poses comes with props such as flower, chocolate box & Ballons.

Rose & Throrn Poses “Baby take my hand” is couple poses latest release for MIIX Event. Lovely couple poses comes with flower. Poses can be adjusted accordingly.

Pedro Jacket is the latest release by Bartimeu, Exclusive for Jail Event. Jacket is compatible with Legacy / Gianni / Geralt & Jake. Jacket has 16 colors and Fatpack come with 10 exclusive color’s. For other awesome product by Bartimeu visit there mainstore.

RAWR! Chaos Male Rings – Male rigged rings compatible with Gianni / Jake / Legacy. Left and right attachment included its an 100% original mesh, Can change color from HUD for metals and Gems. Can we worn separately. Amazing rings a must have !

Elite Paris – Shopping Bags are the latest release from EliteParis, Just like other product, All of their products are in limited edition.


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” The flower starts to wilt but not with weakness but with vulnerability and trust. For it knows the sun will still shine and other flowers will bloom. Our hearts opened. Our minds grew with understanding and trust. Our souls soared. Heart. Mind. Soul. “

New and Exclusive at FaMESHed February 2021 Eddie Outfit by HaveUnequal [HU] is available for Gianni. Cardigan is available in 6 plain colors and 6 Tartan. Shirt is available in 7 plain colors and 7 with stripes.You can change the Collar, Cuffs and button color in the HUD.  The fat pack is NOT in the HUD.

[777] Anne Vintage Car at GALA Fair Love Edition. Available as FULL version, 8 LITE version and a *Special* UNICORN Edition 💟 ACSv7 scripted, smooth performance, very easy to drive💋 All doors, trunk & hood openable (with detailed engine)💟 Realistic sounds, customizable license plate system💋 Luggage with 7 TEXTURES in FULL version, can be shown/hidden💟 A lot of color options to customize in FULL version And even more features are waiting for you to discover!

My Valentine EXCLUSIVE couple pose by *Cronos Store* is available now at GALA Fair Love Edition. Love is in the air and nothing best way to show it by the latest release.

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” Eyes are blue where violence wreaked, The sob of tortured life wracks body and mind, As that blow slows time, Red blood spots bare skin and canvas, A world spinning in coloured blackness, As mind drifts to a place of comfort, The other raises fists triumphant, The crowd hollers in jubilance, Worry not for me just call that ambulance. “

Normandy-SOLID.HEART Eyepatch – Necrosis Tainted Event Love round has opened today!! this is our exclusive copy/mod. tinting hud for neons + hearts theres also a free gift at Normandys booth♥. So not to wait long and come get yours !

Midnight Sentinel – Midnight Sentinel currently at Midnight Order Event From [AiiZawa], Made with Attachments Animation, Each individual blade is well animated by its attachment point, smooth Animations, and Several colors including a STUNNING RGB effect!!! it also has some real nice particle Trails! all controlled by HUD.

A&Y Arm Boosters set can be awesome collection for love of Cyber/Scifi. It’s an 100% original mesh. 6 groups of parts customizing included in the HUD. 15 textures for other decorative parts ( Material Enabled ) and 2 texture for base color. Tint palette. Shine and glow options as well !!

RAWR! Chaos Male Rings – Male rigged rings compatible with Gianni / Jake / Legacy. Left and right attachment included its an 100% original mesh, Can change color from HUD for metals and Gems. Can we worn separately. Amazing rings a must have !

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” The bedroom filled with moonlit twinkles, My eyes begin to blink and fade into the nights parade One touch i feel, so gentle and surreal, a moment of harmony when you place the palm of your hand across my smooth cheeks and use your antagonizing eyes to stare into me, trying to see the dreams and thoughts in my mind.”

Ladies & Gents This sweet new pose from Rose & Thorn Poses ” Make you stay “ Will be soon available at POSEvent.

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” I’ve been dwelling so much on the mistakes I have made I haven’t taken proper action to correct them. The pure truth is now is the time the fix them. I can’t think of a better time to fix them. Life may have thrown some obstacles in my path , but that’s because it knows. It truly knows I like a challenge. It sees that I’m a fighter, So Bring It on ! “

REINVENT I Leather shirt I – Is the latest release for MOM / MenOnlyMonthly. The leather shirt fits ✔ Belleza Jake✔ Signature Gianni✔ Legacy male (original & athletic). The fatpack includes 10 colors which can be changed through HUD.

RAWR! Hell Razor – are great set of daggers, The item is UNRIGGED with color change HUD and a resizer. With holding animation it comes with Throw and spin options as well, Comes with HUD for colors changes requiring your own styles.

[777] Impalz-67 – An awesome release for Shiny Shabby event. 7 LITE version to choose! FULL version has a lot of color options ⛥⛥⛥ DEVIL HUNTERS’ version availble and also included in FULL version! Kansaz license plate and Devil’s Trap included!⛥⛥⛥ – All doors, trunk & hood openable – detailed engine- 4 seaters with 7 set of poses/animations for driver and main passenger- ACSv7 with all features accessed via left-click menu

ɖλτε ɴίĢħτ

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” Letting the crimson sunset pour out its last waves of light. Let it cleanse us of our misery and hardship. Tonight is about us, dear, nothing else is real- let time stand still on our Date Night. “

We have latest product from 777Motors [777] Breeze – Vintage ”Spyder” Car” Which is currently in 2MUCH Event. The comes in FULL version and 8 LITE versions! 💟 ASCv7 scripted with many features💙 2 realistic sound sets, recorded in RL💟 Openable doors, trunk & hood with detailed engine!💙 A lot of unique color options to choose in FULL versionAnd more waiting for you to explore! You can try a DEMO at 777 Motors’ inworld Mainstore.

Amsy pose is by Amazing Rose & Thorn Poses ” Down on me “. The pose pack consist of 4 elegant male poses and can be grabbed currently from PosEvent. More over other awesome poses can be found in their Market Place.

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” I am the shadows of dust the sands of lost worlds. The pauses in rhythms constant the gaps in words spoken. I believe in change, I see evolution with a revolution only just with trust invested and not confusion…. Poetry is my refuge when facing mind pollution.. I am a wreck looking to share, a breath of vitality with those who may dare.”

Ladies & Gents few new releases by [AiiZawa] & Normandy for the end of this years, Hmm. so with this blog we got 2 products to look out from each store.

So we start with [AiiZawa], First we start with [AiiZawa] Yami no Onigiri (Only Yami no Kunai) Now why I say only kunai is cause the Yami no Onigiri is ladies outfit and kunai comes with it, Hence Kunai is UNISEX, can be used by both genders. And has got 2 holding animation as well.

Next is there latest release [AiiZawa] KDA Windpods, For fans and also for those who like beautiful and exclusive items, we have this super novelty for you! The item will be at The Kawaii Project .➧ 3 Textures➧ 4 Animations➧ Animesh➧ MOD version – only fat pack.

Normandy gives you, NormandyLight.Runner Hoody for this festive season, Comes in 5 colors, You have got TINT HUD for the neon. Looks great on me though. i will be using it mostly this season – chuckles -. Hoodie is currently available in Winter Spirit Event, UBER here.

NormandyDiesel.Set includes ➧Glasses ➧Jaw Mask ➧ Two different ear rings ➧ Head spike [BOM] ➧ Tint HUD for neon. You can grabs yours in Mainstore.

Amsy –

[AiiZawa] Yami no Onigiri ( Only Yami no Kunai )
[AiiZawa] KDA Windpods
Normandy-Light.Runner Hoody
Vango. James_Grayscale
[CX] Withered Bezerker Ears
[CX] Halimaw Ear Weights
IDTTY Faces – Deep Marks
L’Emporio::Damned Claws & Rings::Signature Gianni BENTO*
Signature Body –Gianni-
LeLUTKA Skyler Head 2.0
Stray Dog – Gianni Skin – TONE 04

Rest hope you all enjoy amsy work as always ^^

Amsy ♡