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” Gasping for air as my adrenaline spikes and all fight in me collapses. Flight is the only option now but there is nowhere to go.. All the walls are constricting tighter and tighter incasing me within and I can’t stop this panic that is just starting to begin “

[AiiZawa] ARX-D MK V “Drone” – A tactical Drone with top grade weapons systems, it also has the Ability of scan other avatars… so you can see what they are wearing! such clothing and huds… in future updates it will transform into a jetpack and also will has animations to fly around your avatar! Currently available at MainFrameEvent.

[AiiZawa] Kaihatsu Heavy Bow – A Top quality Cyber bow Handmade and 100% original hand-draw Design with several color options for the Neons , with a Hold N Release trigger for the arrows… with special attacks coming in a Near Update. Currently available at MainFrameEvent.

[777] 4x V-T Turbo 2077 – Currently available at Mainly Arena Event. FULL version and 8 LITE versions on sale, with a lot of color options to choose!🔶 ACSv7 fully scripted, fully functional and superior performance on all surface🔷 2 different realistic sound sets🔶 Unique doors, openable trunk & hood (with detailed engine)🔷 Flame bursting exhausts🔶 FULL version comes with a lot of color options for different parts, you can mix and match to create your own, unique look!

[LANEVO] MANEATER MACHINE is currently being showcased in Mainframe event. The three arms of the machine and their claws move. Best try the demo. You will be amazed at the dynamic arm and claw movements of the machine. Single color version allows you to resize, and run and stop each of the three arms individually. In the FAT version, you can also change the color of each of the five parts individually. The HUD includes the ability to control the speed of the claws.

Normandy-Input.Prosthetics latest release for MainFrame Event ! You get a 25% off on the product untill the event last, so don’t waste much time. You be getting alphas for fingers of mostly desired bodies. Plus you can also MOD or alpha the fingers.

Other awesome product is by Normandy. NormandyPantheon the set comes with Googles / Horns / JawPlate. These items are COPY/MOD. You can rez them if you like to edit them. Select faces and link numbers to adjust glow/full bright/opacity/tinting to your liking from the given HUD! Grabs your set now which is available in Mainstore.

A&Y Scorpio Cyber Mask – Unisex UNRIGGED 100% mesh mask with materials enabled. Has both types with or without straps. Resizer, Smoke effect, 6 sounds. With HUD 15 textures and non-limited choose of colors via RGB palette. You can add shine glow or shine on any group of parts.

[DustyHut] GoLink Sneakers [LINKRAVE LINE] – v1.0

☢ Tintable strap, laces, dampers’ spring ☢ Materials Enabled☢ HUD controlled☢ Optimized mesh for better performance. Compatible with – Signature Gianni- Belleza Jake- Slink Male – Belleza Freya, Venus, Isis- Slink Female- Maitreya Lara- UPDATE: Legacy Female

[DustyHut] Edge Runner Trousers – HardMat – (MALE) [LINKRAVE]

The Edge Runner Trousers is a pair of rip-proof, roof jumper, asphalt slider, edge runner, rope walker trousers designed with tight bottom to avoid collision while keeping the upper part loose and comfy!

Debut set: HardMat Pack Three different dark material: – Synthetic fabric- Artificial hive- Classic leather Tintable parts: – Lower leg patches- Back straps- Side pockets lining- Zipper hangings 

Compatible with: – Signature Gianni- Belleza Jake- Slink Physique Male – Maitreya Lara- Belleza Freya- Slink Physique Original- UPDATE: Legacy Female Upper socks included to support low cut shoes, it also can be hidden for high-tops. Belt can be hidden too! HUD included for texture selecting and tinting. Materials enabled!

[DustyHut] SlimShield Shirt – RAVE Edition [LINKRAVE LINE]

Tight, tailored military grade shirt with integrated slim protectors. Light-weight design to help scouts staying fast or… the cyber smugglers getting in and out of narrow routes.

Choose from three different editions: ☢ LITE: Just the shirt, that’s it, cost efficient!☢ EXTENDED: The basic shirt + 3 color variations + 1 tintable texture set – all controlled by HUD☢ RAVE: 8 texture set, all in one package! The basic shirt + 6 variations + 1 tintable set – HUD also included to mix and match! 

Compatible with: – Signature Gianni- Belleza Jake- Slink Male BoM compatible! Alpha map included

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