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” I was your angel that fell from the sky, You broken my wings, now I can’t fly. I rushed towards you in a crazy flight, To stay forever at your side. You were bad, I never did know it, Your pretty smile never did show it. In fact your smile was oh so bright, And then she called me to her side. she kissed me softly on my lips, That’s when time just slipped. “

The Clover – Serpent bow is a beautifully crafted animesh bow that actually bends and the string moves and wiggles when it is shot. It includes 8 different elemental arrows with their own unique models, and particle effects when flying, hitting people, or hitting ground. The arrows will actually follow and stick in an avatar that you hit, with the rotation and location they were hit in. This bow includes beautiful bento animations, and visual effects to enhance your roleplay. Available at The Warehouse Event.
♥ Features ♥
– Animesh bow that bends, and stretches while you draw it.
– Arrows “stick” to, and follow the hit avatar with proper rotations and locations where you hit them.
– Includes multiple arrow types with unique particles and models: Air, Fire, Ice, Magic, Nature, Necro, Normal, and Poison.
– Bow has 6 different colour options. The actual bow and the wings can be changed separately: Blue, Green, Black, Red, Purple, and Brown.
– Includes bento animations for drawing, idle stance, sheathing, and taking out the bow.
– Arrow hand attachment included that shows the arrow you are currently shooting.
– Linden damage enabled for arrows
– Extremely simple to use, and no usage HUD required.
– Three draw lengths for those of you with longer/shorter arms.
– Includes modifiable quiver to stow/take out your bow.
♥ How to use ♥
Changing options:
– To change the colour and draw animation of the bow, make sure you have both the quiver and bow item attached.
– Attach the HUD item, and click on the desired colour options to change textures.
– Click on the draw animation options (1,2, or 3), to change your bows draw animation.
– Right click -> add the three items: “Clover – Serpent bow (main)”, “Clover – Serpent bow (hand arrows)”, and “Clover – Serpent bow (quiver)”. You can adjust the items to fit your avatar, except you can not resize the main bow item due to animesh limitations.
– Click on the quiver item to draw the bow. This will override your current standing animation, so you can still walk/use your AO underneath this. Your bow is ready to shoot.
– You can change your Ammo type by simply clicking on the bow in your hand, and selecting an ammo option from the dialog menu.
– Go into mouselook, aim, and click to shoot the bow.
– To stow your bow, click on the location on your back where the bow was stored prior to taking it out.
♥ Disclaimer ♥
** The arrows use second life physics to operate, so lag, physics and the Second Life server might effect your arrow accuracy.
** The bow is animesh, so it can NOT be resized.
** You must be able to rez on the land you are trying to use it on, or the bow will NOT work.

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