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” As each touch waivers away our ornaments, That are nothing but a bother, So that our skins may kiss, Let my lips caress upon you, And caress I shall, Till the roses of desire that blossom on your cheeks, Grows and spread to all points intimate, As the garnered juices of intimacy between your thighs, Waterfalls down your legs. “

Rose & Thorn Poses Pillow talk – Couple sensual pose by Rose&Thorn. Can be adjustable according to your body types. Available at Pose Fair Event.

Rose & Thorn Poses Midnight Desires – Is an awesome backdrop with most of high quality furniture added already, Just rest your pose and get those desirable angle for your pic. Can be grabbed at Pose Fair Event.

[GUILTY] Cocksets – Exclusively available at WFC PORN Event. ♥6 Single colors and 3 LUXURY colors Fatpack Available♥☺Original Mesh 100%☺. Compatible with Legacy / Gianni / Jake & Aesthetic bodies.

Leven Ink Tattoo – Owl / Latest release from LevenInk and available at WIP event. Its a must have tattoo, with such a detailing work at front & back. For other awesome tattoos visit LevenInk MainStore. Compatible with most of the bodies and BOM consist of 50 / 70 & 100% shades.

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