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” Our body parts have changed Towards final automation, All our senses have been controlled for our reincarnation….. A telescopic vision Storing hyper information, Mechanical robotic limbs. A cyber man mutation. “

[AYO] Bizhang – Amazing arm leather comes with HUD for color changes to the likes, Product is a new release for Men Only Monthly [MOM] Event. Compatible with Jake – Legacy – Legacy/ATHELETIC.

[-] N A N A O / Octopus Tongue – Tongue is available at Dubai Event open from 20th March ) Inside the pack, you will find the HUD to choose the color you prefer. (8 colors) This tongue will be ANIMESH, and NO Animesh with copy/modif permission. For more info, you will find a notecard inside will all info. 2 Sizes are in the pack, for male/female.

[-] N A N A O / Leather Harness – New release at Men Only Monthly [MOM] Event. Compatible with Jake / Legacy M/F both / Gianni / Materiya / KUPRA. Fatpack comes with 6 colors and HUD with 3 color options for metals.

[AiiZawa] Songbird Anti-Materiel Rifle – Awesome Rifle can be purchased at Engine Room Event. Functional Rifle with recoil. Animation Coming Soon with Modes Auto and Sniper. Very detailed and long ranged weapon for a cyber lover and a must have.

RAWR! Chronos Rings – Rigged for: Legacy, Gianni Full color change Hud Materials enabled Available at Engine Room Event, Grabs one yours awesome rings !

Leven Ink Tattoo brings you “Mad World”. Indeed its a mad mad world, Loll well its a great awesome tattoo. And of course includes BOM with 3 types of shades 50/70/100.

[LANEVO] SCOPEDOG GOGGLE is another awesome product. The telephoto lens has a built-in LCD display that shows the magnification of the zoom lens in Kanji. Detachable cable, flip-up protective glass. The color of the cable, main unit, and LCD display can be changed individually.

Normandy-aku.gaki set – Currently Available at Mainstore. The set consist off Horns / Collar – [OC] / Hoops copy/mod – Texture with tinting HUD also available.

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