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” Lights of city may never illuminate my heart, It is only your smile that may do so. Street noise may never wake me from my slumber, It is only your voice that may do so. The sun may never awaken butterflies in my stomach, It is only your touch that may do so. I may dream of a time when you’re close to me, It is all but a miracle that may do so. “

[777] Taurus Super SUV – Available as FULL version and 8 LITE versions! BENTO Coffee dispenser! 🌟 ACSv7, SUPER performance, smooth handling, climb any track with ease! NO stuck in the walls!🌟 All doors, trunk & hood openable with detailed engine🌟 Realistic sounds – 2 sets, customizable license plate, poses & animations for driver and 3 passengers!🌟 A lot of color options included in FULL version

Rose & Thorn Poses New divide – Pose comes with bento hand pose & car, Currently available at Manly arena Event. Car as props is a different one than used in my blog. Original pic of car can be seen HERE !

Rose & Thorn Poses skate together, stay together – This couple pose also comes with bento hand pose and skates as props, Poses are currently available at Manly arena Event. For other awesome poses by Rose&Thorn, Visit their Mainstore.

[HU] Elliot Outfit – New and Exclusive at FaMESHed Event. Elliot Outfit is available for Gianni. Shirt is available in 14 colors. You can change Cuffs Collar and metal buttons in the HUD. Vest is available in 6 colors, you can change the Inner vest, liner and metals in the HUD. Pants are available in 6 colors.You can change the belt and the metals in the HUD. The fat pack is in the HUD. Another blog for the same outfit can be viewed here taken by lovely JULIANNE HELLERSHANK.

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