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” Twin flames are your muses that inspire you just to be you, the ones that encourage you to show the world every part of you. They’re the ones that keep supporting you no matter how many mistakes you make in life. And above all twin flames are souls, that you find are the missing parts of you that make you whole. When you find your twin flame never let them go and return the blessings to them that they always share with you. “

[777] Stevie Luxury SUV – Realistic sound, 4 seater with animations. Color option for body, rims & seats. Bento drink dispenser included ! To start, simply right click on the car and choose ”Ride”, your avatar will sit on the car on driver pose. Supported with Camera HUD (easy fix your camera position, giving stable, smooth and sporty driving experience) SPECIAL FEATURES Add your own license plate: Zoom close to the license plate, click the inside, the system will active for a short amount of time, then you can CTRL+Drag your own textures to store them. Add new and remove anytime, up to 20 custom textures (must be full permission). Was available at PREETY event but can be grabbed at the Mainstore.

Bartimeu – Tome T-Shirt – Exclusively available at Dubai Event ! Tome T-Shirt comes with 6 Colors & 16 colors available in fatpack – T-shirt and bottom t-shirt. HUD also include changes of print on T-shirt. More amazing product can be explored at Bartimeu Mainstore.

Rose & Thorn Poses Sinner – Right side of Amsy pose is from Rose & Thorn Poses, Bundle of 4 male poses Available at Mainstore for Manly weekend.

Animosity – 146 Pose Pack – Gents left side of Amsy pose is from Animosity pose packed with 4 male poses Includes props like t-shirt ( not is this blog as am using other outfit for this blog ) , Aphone comes with a HUD for the desire changes of colors. And t-shirt comes with fitting of Gianni / Legacy / Jake. And much more awesome poses can be found at the Mainstore

AYO] XII – If you are looking for some kool glasses for your look? Well look no furthure [AYO] Latest release for Dubai Event [AYO] XII. Comes with a HUD for colors changes of frame and lens. Frame can be resized as desirable face sizes. Other awesome products from [AYO] Visit their Mainstore.

[AYO] Yaodai – Comes with 5 colors and Fatpack included 2 Bonus colors. Other Amazing product can be explored at the Mainstore.

RAWR! Borg Rings (Male) – Rigged for: Legacy / Gianni Full color change HUD included.

Leven Ink Tattoo – Forest / Tattoo exclusively showcasing at Kinky Event. Comes with 3 shades of BOM with 50 / 70 / 100. And compatible with most of the bodies. Visit the Mainstore for other awesome tattoos.

Anthemis – Pants “Lester” – Are great with changeable text on the straps, while u can choose the glossiness from HUD, A great set of pant and hoodie, While much more can be explored in the Mainstore !.

Anthemis – SweatShirt “Jonatan” – Compatible with Belleza Jake /Signature Gianni/Legacy male. Come with HUD to change colors with other detailing options.

[HU] Dustin ( Pants Only ) Other great male products from HaveUnequal can be explored at the Mainstore.

[LANEVO] SCOPEDOG GOGGLE is another awesome product. The telephoto lens has a built-in LCD display that shows the magnification of the zoom lens in Kanji. Detachable cable, flip-up protective glass. The color of the cable, main unit, and LCD display can be

changed individually.

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