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” We are not immune to bullet, fist or blade but any insult raised against us will be met with a blockade. We are stoic, but still smiles, cracking our face open without reserve for a friend, to calm, to a foe, to unnerve. A gentleman dresses his best, whether it Vans and sweater, or tie and vest. No-one is beneath our attention they gifts compliments quite often, but when a man puts a hand on us, that man goes home in a coffin. “

Left side pose is a bundle of 4 Male poses by Rose & Thorn PosesWe Are Legends” available at Mainstore for Manly Weekend. Right side pose is another awesome release by Rose & Thorn PosesEvery Thought is you” bundled with 4 great male poses and also includes phone as props. Available at MIIX Event.

[HU] Elon Outfit – Exclusively available at faMESHed Event. Available for GIANNI only. Metals has 5 colors, Shirt has 9 solid and 9 stripe colors with collar and cuffs option too. Tie has 8 color option solid & stripes as well. Pants has 7 solid colors and 4 stripes.

[777] Gentleman Vintage Roadster – Available at MenOnlyMonthly [ MOM ] Event. To adjust the controls, on the menu choose Options then choose Control. To stop the car and park, choose Start/Stop Engine (on/off) on the menu. Park+- to change parking poses. To turn on the light, on menu choose Lights ON. The car also comes with a passenger seat if you have a friend coming over! (Can be turned on/off at Options) More Features included: Flight (yes!), Burnout, Horn, Turbo Mode! Further setting can be found on Options, include Skid, Gravity, Camera settings, Exhaust, Star Park, Sound sets, Glow, Resize, Rename, etc. Supported with Camera HUD (easy fix your camera position, giving stable, smooth and sporty driving experience)

Clover – Purrsew / Available at LEVEL Event. The Purrsew is a gentle and shy feline creature, often found in tall grass, chasing insects. It is highly intelligent, so it is capable of forming strong bonds with humanoids, if treated with kindness. It is a fully animesh, follower pet, and is guaranteed to make everyone around you want to squish its little face. It comes with animations for: Walking, running, turning, and standing. Included are 5 different eye textures, and body textures (Mixes of the following colors: Yellow, Mint, purple ,sky blue, orange).

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