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” I’ve been dwelling so much on the mistakes I have made I haven’t taken proper action to correct them. The pure truth is now is the time the fix them. I can’t think of a better time to fix them. Life may have thrown some obstacles in my path , but that’s because it knows. It truly knows I like a challenge. It sees that I’m a fighter, So Bring It on ! “

REINVENT I Leather shirt I – Is the latest release for MOM / MenOnlyMonthly. The leather shirt fits ✔ Belleza Jake✔ Signature Gianni✔ Legacy male (original & athletic). The fatpack includes 10 colors which can be changed through HUD.

RAWR! Hell Razor – are great set of daggers, The item is UNRIGGED with color change HUD and a resizer. With holding animation it comes with Throw and spin options as well, Comes with HUD for colors changes requiring your own styles.

[777] Impalz-67 – An awesome release for Shiny Shabby event. 7 LITE version to choose! FULL version has a lot of color options ⛥⛥⛥ DEVIL HUNTERS’ version availble and also included in FULL version! Kansaz license plate and Devil’s Trap included!⛥⛥⛥ – All doors, trunk & hood openable – detailed engine- 4 seaters with 7 set of poses/animations for driver and main passenger- ACSv7 with all features accessed via left-click menu

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